Water Quality Data Management and Modeling


This 3-day course is designed to give water professionals hands-on experience applying the concepts and theory of managing water quality data for analysis. This course utilizes the AquaChem software to manage water quality data and perform geochemical data interpretation on this data.

The study of water quality data involves a large number of numerical and graphical techniques which are not readily available with standard office software such as ExcelTM. AquaChem offers an extensive numerical and graphical toolset for efficient analysis of most water chemistry data sets. In this course you will be given detailed background information on various plots and statistics to analyse your data set, guidelines for managing water quality data effectively and recommendations to documentand present your findings efficiently.

For complex geochemical modeling problems, AquaChem offers a seamless interface to the USGS code PHREEQC, the 'de facto' standard in this field. You will learn how to apply this software to simple problems in order to quantify your hypothesis. Additionally, you will receive an overview of more complex modeling capabilities of PHREEQC. Attendees are encourages to bring their own datasets, which they will be able to convert into the AquaChem database and interpret during the course.

Course Software: AquaChem

Course Objectives and Benefits

From hands-on experience you will learn:

  • How to effectively apply AquaChem to water quality analysis projects
  • How to create your own hydrochemistry database
  • Basic understanding of rock/water interactions
  • How to quickly generate geochemical plots and prepare professional reports from water quality data analysis
  • What to look for when evaluating data quality
  • how to solve geochemical modeling problems using PHREEQC

You will also receive:

  • Hands-on guidance with AquaChem by expert instructors
  • A complete set of course lecture notes and lab exercises
  • A DVD of exercise files to complete the exercises at home or in the office
  • A 30-day trial version of AquaChem

Course Topics

  • Fundamentals of managing water quality data
  • Concepts and benefits of relational database applied to water chemistry data
  • Assessing the quality of lab data, identify trends, and performing statistical calculations
  • Detection and interpretation of exceedence values
  • Understand and dealing with detection limits
  • Interpretation techniques (Rock Source Detection)
  • Identifying water types and aquifer composition
  • Calculation of saturation indicies or pH
  • Plotting spatial patterns of water quality data
  • Introduction to the USGS modeling code PHREEQC

Earn CEU's

Waterloo Hydrogeologic offers Continuing Education Units (CEUs) toward the successful participation and completion of this professional training course. All of our training courses are developed to ensure the participants are exposed and challenged through various hands-on lab exercises and exposure to theoretical concepts. We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive learning experience and provide attendees with a Certification of Completion which includes 2.4 CEU's for completing this course.