Hydro GeoAnalyst 2012.1 Readme

Hydro GeoAnalyst is a comprehensive groundwater and borehole data management system developed by Schlumberger Water Services to address the needs of groundwater and environmental professionals. Hydro GeoAnalyst integrates a wide range of analysis, visualization and reporting tools, with a powerful, yet flexible database technology, all wrapped into an innovative graphical user interface. Hydro GeoAnalyst offers the highest level of performance and is completely scalable to meet the changing demands of environmental professionals.

This document provides supplemental information to the Hydro GeoAnalyst User's Manual and contains late-breaking details on new features and known issues with the program.  You are encouraged to read this document prior to starting Hydro GeoAnalyst.


History of Changes

8.0.286 (2012.1)


  • Implemented Geochemistry Extension (Powered by AquaChem) to allow AquaChem to run entirely on your HGA SQL Server database.

  • Implemented an Auto-notification for when updates are available.
  • Implemented an option to close a tab completely (right click on tab) and then an option to bring it back (View menu option).

Defects Addressed

  • Complex expressions in the Query Builder would not run.
  • Difficulties copying a record in the Station List or Station Data tab.
  • New Query Dialog box did not allow underscores.
  • Difficulties opening Time Series Plots created in previous versions of HGA.
  • Save queries in the project tree were running based on a right click – they should only run based on left click.
  • Improved error logging.
  • Error message when deleting a table from the Template Manager.
  • On Data Filter tab when using the filter line to find records and then using the delete option resulted in all records being deleted.
  • Issues with deleting records when no primary key set on a table (any table that does not have a primary key will have an auto-increment field added to table and set as the primary key).
  • Difficulties importing MON files.
  • Problems when running with UAC enabled (creating backups, creating new projects, saving changes in the Template Manager and importing using the DTS).
  • Error messages when running HGA on a machine that does not have a local instance of SQL Server 2008 R2 installed.
  • When selecting a station in the Station List tab you are automatically moved to the Station Data tab (now only occurs on double click).
  • Unable to set relationships between tables within the Template Manager.
  • Problems exporting map ready queries to Excel 2007.
  • Unable to import data using the DTS into newly created projects.
  • Error messages when trying to create new time series plots.
  • On some XP machines the icons on the project tree were not showing.


8.0.187 (2012.1)


    New EDD Workflow - to help you get validated data into HGA more quickly and easily. 

  • Better link with ArcGIS – using SQL Server 2008 R2 geospatial column you can directly link your project through ArcGIS so as changes are made within HGA they are automatically reflected in ArcGIS.
  • New On-line Sharing option - provides you a way to share your project (station groups, queries, map layers, water levels) with others who do not have HGA. This option can be run locally or could be hosted on a webserver.
  • Updated User Interface – providing you dockable tabs, an easy filter line option, and easier navigation through your list of stations.
  • Grouping Folders for queries on the Project Tree – allows you to group and find your queries more quickly.
  • Online Help now available at: http://www.swstechnology.com/help/hga/


7.0.12 (2011.1)


  • New Import Routine for Your Chemical Data.
  • Updates and Improvements to QA/QC Module.
  • Three New QA/QC Checks Available (Dilution Factor, Holding Time, and Detection Limit).

Defects Addressed

  • In BHLP when zoomed in if you use the up and down arrows to scroll through the BHLP the program freezes.     
  • After running a saved query and viewing the results in the Data Query tab of the main HGA view if you select the Edit Query button twice you will receive an Access Violation error.
  • Updated icons for AquaChem and AquiferTest buttons to match with their newest release.
  • Error messages received when trying to load a large asc file format DEM on Map Manager.
  • In the cross tab if you hide the sub total or grand total this option is not saved.
  • Error message received if you try to reoder linked fields in the Template Manager.
  • Error message received when trying to refresh a layer on the Map.
  • Receiving error message when loading grd files onto a map in local coordinates.
  • When performing a lab assessment the required fields will now automatically map if they are the same as the query alias names.
  • If you selected the Create Cross Tab button but no query was selected in the navigation tree an error would occur.
  • Plumes viewed in the 3D Explorer were showing the highest concentrations at an incorrect elevation.
  • When exporting QA/QC reports you now have the option to select any or all reports and each one will appear on a worksheet in your spreadsheet.
  • Map and Cross Sections can now be exported to a high resolution graphics file.
  • In the QA/QC assessment the list of fields to map (from the drop down list) are now alphabetical to make it easier to sort through.
  • The field measurements table was added back into the Environmental data model template (under the Monitoring Events Category).
  • If you do not select a query and then select Tools/Quality Control/Perform Lab QC Assessment you get an error message.


 6.0.18 (2010.1)


  • The HGA Map Manager provides a direct link to Isatis™ allowing you to perform in-depth data analysis and interpolation using advanced geostatistical techniques.
  • Added flexibility and control for displaying point labels on the maps and cross sections with a new label renderer allowing you to show a primary and secondary label, prepend and append text, set the desired rotation and specify the default label placement.

  • Gridded surface data can now be displayed on cross section interpretations. Surface data can be used to show the relationship between interpretation layers and numerical model layers, or for showing interpolated subsurface features such as the water table.
  • In the HGA main window, associated field data (internal field name, data type, description, etc) is now shown in the status bar when an input field is selected.
  • The "Manage Database" and "New Project" dialog now filter out all non-HGA databases.
  • In the query builder, conditions and view fields can now be rearranged using up and down arrow buttons.
  • Added a "Zoom to Active" layer button in the Map Manager toolbar.
  • The Station List combo box is now sorted alphabetically.
  • The Backup Database process now allows you to also backup all project files.
  • A Diver datalogger graphic can now be displayed in a well construction BHLP columns to indicate the cable length and deployment of monitoring devices.
  • In the Template Manager, auto-increment fields can now be added to database tables allowing you to easily keep track of the number of records in a given table.
  • Added a new toolbar to the HGA main window to provide quick access to HGA modules.
  • Map and Cross Sections can now be exported to a high resolution graphics file.
  • High resolution map and cross section images can now be sent to the Report Editor.
  • A user defined scale cannot be specified when printing and sending maps and cross sections to the Report Editor.
  • International feet can now be used as the default units for new projects.
  • The select station combobox in the HGA main window is now sorted alphabetically.
  • The project tree can now be collapsed or uncollapsed via the right-click menu.

Defects Addressed

  • Null values can now be used to indicate "dry" in the water level table
  • In the map manager, graticule lines are no longer shown on top of displayed time series plot.
  • When using the query builder to calculate simple equations in view fields, results are now rounded correctly.
  • Station data can now be exported to .MDB file format from the HGA main window
  • In some instances, the query builder was using the wrong SQL syntax when generating SQL Statements that include left join clauses.
  • Tables can now be exported to CSV format from the Data Filter tab.
  • When displaying tabular data (queries) on maps, the data now appears in the order that the query was sorted.
  • When importing data, the DTS now uses a TRIM function to remove any unwanted spaces at the beginning or end of the source data.
  • The DATESTAMP, TIMESTAMP and DATETIMESTAMP fields in the HGA template manager have been changed to DATE, TIME and DATETIME, respectively.
  • When generating plume files from a data query, the 3D Interpolation dialog now automatically saves all data source, grid and interpolation settings.
  • When linking HGA with AquiferTest, project information specified in HGA is now passed to AquiferTest.


Known Issues

The following are the known issues with Hydro GeoAnalyst:

    • Some modules launch in the task bar (bottom of screen) and not on top of the HGA main GUI (e.g. New project & Map Manager).
    • The geo_point field that has been added to the Station table should remain unchecked (not visible) and the name should not be edited within the Template Manager. If the geo_point field is edited (renamed, checked on to be visible in the main GUI) you will encounter difficulties when adding/editing station records.
    • Hungarian EOV and NZGD 1949 Mount Eden Circuit projection geotransformations are currently not supported.
      • Workaround: Convert the X-Y coordinates to another coordinate system (WGS84 for example), before importing into HGA. As an alternate option you can use the local coordinate option when creating your project. This requires that all data imported into the program is in the same projection.
    • Printing a BHLP report after printing a station list report displays a message upon closing Hydro GeoAnalyst.

      Desktop shortcut will not work when running HGA under another user profile.

      • Solution: Your project administrator should create a new desktop shortcut to the hga.exe file, using Windows Explorer

    • When working with multiple map projects, and sharing cross-sections between the map projects, in some cases the list of intersecting cross-sections will not be updated.

      • Solution: Use the Tools/Update Cross-Section option to refresh the list of intersecting cross-sections.
    • In the query builder, if you add a condition to the cross section interpretation results, you cannot generate the SQL statement.

      • Solution: Add single quotes around the where clause, in the generated SQL statement For example:
        WHERE (Interpretation_Results.interpretation = Model). If you adjust the SQL statement so that the where clause says:
        WHERE (Interpretation_Results.interpretation = 'Model'), the query will execute successfully.



  • The 3D explorer should not be launched based on maps using decimal degrees units (only feet or metres are support in 3D Explorer)
  • International accents and characters cannot be used for the project name or database name due to Microsoft SQL Server limitations.
  • Although Hydro GeoAnalyst supports horizontal datum shifting (X and Y, which is latitude and longitude, or north easting setting), it does not      support elevation shifting. Please ensure that elevation data is consistent, before importing into HGA. Otherwise, a significant vertical offset may occur.
  • The French (France) regional system settings and other regional settings where the thousand separator is a space rather than a comma or decimal are not supported by Microsoft SQL Server. As a result, these regional settings cannot be supported by Hydro GeoAnalyst either. Users in these countries are encouraged to use a system regional setting that supports an alternate thousands delimiter.
  • Cross-sections will not be updated with new soil names and patterns, if the soil classification system (SCS) is changed after the cross-section is created. You must open each cross-section interpretation, and re-save, in order to save the changes to the database.
  • As Microsoft’s mainstream support for SQL Server 2005 has ended we will no longer support this version of SQL. Please update to SQL Server 2008 R2.
  • With each license of Hydro GeoAnalyst you are entitled to one license of HGA Quick Checker – an Excel plug-in that can validate your data and provide it in and HGA EDD format which can be quickly and easily imported into HGA.
  • The User Access Management module that was available in past versions is no longer available. Appropriate permissions need to be applied to the database through SQL Server Management Studio.
  • When installing the HGA Quick Checker, if you do not have all required pre-requisites (e.g. .Net Framework 4 Client Profile and MS Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office) they will be installed automatically which will require that you reboot during the installation.
  • Online Share module limitations:  
    • When publishing to a local folder you may encounter difficulties using Chrome Internet Browser – we recommend either Internet Explorer or Firefox.
    • Map layers supported include points, polygons, and polylines. Color shading layers are not currently supported.
    • If when viewing an Online Share that is published locally and you do not have an internet connection there will be not background map.