Groundwater & Environmental Software Training

Waterloo Hydrogeologic environmental and groundwater software training courses are designed to help groundwater professionals understand and use their groundwater software and monitoring instrumentation.

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Classroom Course Schedule

# Course Title Start Date Finish date Price Enroll Online
Pumping Test Design & Analysis Workshop Pumping Test Design & Analysis Workshop May 29, 2015 May 29, 2015 200 USD

This workshop will cover the basics of pumping test design and analysis. The workshop will include a combination of classroom and field activities using the University of Buffalo's well field. Participants will learn through hands-on activity how to design and implement a field scale pumping test using state of the art sensors. Participants will also get a chance to post process their pumping test data. This workshop is geared toward both professionals and graduate students interested in learning the basics behind pumping test design and implementation.

Location: Buffalo, NY, United States
Level: Introductory
Seats Remaining: 25 of 25
An Introduction to Groundwater Modeling An Introduction to Groundwater Modeling August 11, 2015 August 14, 2015 1695 USD

This 4-day groundwater modeling course was designed to introduce groundwater professionals to Visual MODFLOW software, and to provide guidance on how to apply modelling programs such as; MODFLOW, MODPATH, ZoneBudget and MT3D/RT3D, to groundwater flow and solute transport models. The lecture presentations are developed to describe the modeling process, and provide insights into property and boundary condition selection as well as an introduction to model calibration. The lab exercises are step-by-step descriptions of how to use Visual MODFLOW software to develop a wide variety of groundwater models. Each exercise represents a different application of MODFLOW, and provides different views of the tools within Visual MODFLOW to help with model development, calibration and prediction of results.

Instructor: Daniel Gomes
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Level: Introductory
Seats Remaining: 14 of 15
Applied Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport Modeling Applied Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport Modeling September 08, 2015 September 11, 2015 1895 USD

This 4-day applied groundwater modeling course was designed to present the theory behind MODFLOW, MODPATH, ZoneBudget, MT3D/RT3D and SEAWAT, and to illustrate the practical development of groundwater flow and transport models using Visual MODFLOW Premium. This course introduces the modeling process including conceptual model development, numerical model implementation and model calibration but goes beyond the basics to examine specific groundwater modelling applications and address some of the more common groundwater modeling scenarios. It alternates between lectures and exercises to provide a combination of theory and hands on practice to support the concepts discussed in the course.

Location: Delft, Netherlands
Level: Intermediate
Seats Remaining: 12 of 15