Waterloo Hydrogeologic Software

Waterloo Hydrogeologic develops innovative groundwater and environmental software in fields such as: groundwater modeling, environmental data management, water quality analysis and visualization, pumping test data analysis, groundwater remediation and unsaturated flow simulation.

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Groundwater Modeling Software

Predict the future or look into the past with an impressive line of advanced three dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling and simulation programs. A complete range of comprehensive groundwater modeling features and powerful capabilities makes delivery of complex groundwater site investigations a reality.

Water Quality Analysis Software

Analyze, plot, and report water quality data with a fully customizable integrated database of physical and chemical parameters.

Pumping Test And Slug Test Data Analysis Software

Our Pumping Test Analysis programs incorporate numerous high-demand groundwater data analysis methods to help you expand your graphical analysis and reporting of pumping and slug test data. What you get is a flexible environment to determine the hydraulic properties of your aquifer and produce customizable reports.

Unsaturated Zone Modeling Software

Integrating the latest methods for visualizing and managing projects, generating and sharing input data, and presenting modeling results, our Unsaturated Zone Modeling applications allow you to effectively predict flow and contaminant migration within the unsaturated zone.

Groundwater Data Management & Visualization Software

Whether managing groundwater, borehole, or environmental data, conducting in-depth analysis of aquifer vulnerability, visualizing vast amounts of data in three dimensions, or preparing effective reports, our advanced groundwater and borehole data management software applications ensure your entire team has access to the tools required to complete the project efficiently.