Datalogger Accessories

User-friendly tools and accessories to streamline transfer and management of Diver data for cost-effective management of your montoring equipment by eleminating errors and reducing field time.

All Diver accessories have a 3 year warranty.

  • The SDI-12 interface for Divers
  • Real-time Diver data
  • Connect Divers to telemetry or SCADA systems
  • Built-in barometric compensation
  • Small size
  • Fast and reliable download of Diver data
  • Stores data of hundreds of Divers
  • 10 days of operational use on one battery charge
  • Protect the CTD-Diver from bio-fouling
  • Lower maintenance intervals
  • Improve conductivity readings
  • Read Diver data from the top of the well
  • Reduce your time getting Diver data
  • User-adjustable length

Connect to a Diver with the Reading Unit to:

  • Download data
  • Program settings
  • Start/Stop the Diver

Connect your PC, Laptop, or Pocket-PC to a Diver deployed on a DDCable to:

  • Download data
  • Program settings
  • Start/Stop the Diver