SWS Announces Environmental Data Management Short Course for WaterTech 2013

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SWS will be offering a course An Introduction to Environmental Data Management using Hydro GeoAnalyst at the Water Technologies Symposium (WaterTech 2013) in Banff, Alberta, Canada on April 10th. WaterTech is the premier water technology transfer event for environmental professionals. It is recommended for all industry sectors that have an interest in the technical aspects of water and wastewater management.

Short Course Description

There are increasingly greater amounts of data used to characterize environmental problems. This data comes from a wide range of sources which can make it difficult to analyze and interpret your data. This hands-on course is designed to introduce you to data management using Hydro GeoAnalyst The course combines interactive lectures and discussions with a certified instructor and exposure to Hydro GeoAnalyst through an intense series of exercises that will facilitate your understanding of the program, highlighting both data management and data visualization. In this course you will receive a complete set of course notes including lectures and exercises, a trial copy of Hydro GeoAnalyst and access to the exercise files so that you may re-do these exercises at your leisure.

About the Instructor

Jennifer C. Hurley, M.Sc, P.Geo. Jennifer has a Master’s degree from the University of Waterloo where she studied under Dr. John Cherry and Dr. Beth Parker. Jennifer has 10 years’ experience in the field of hydrogeology. During this time, she has been a project manager for both consulting and software projects, both in the field and in the office. Her areas of specialization include DNAPL behaviour in fractured porous media and environmental data management. Currently, Jennifer acts as the Center Manager for Schlumberger Water Services software development.

If you are interested in attending WaterTech 2013 and the short course on environmental data management, please visit the WaterTech website for more information.

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